About James

After spending years teaching myself the art of photography as a young child, at the age of 21 I decided to take the plunge into the world of professional photography. The first wedding I ever did was a favor for a friend of a friend and I think its safe to say that it was the best favor I ever did. From that day on I knew that I wanted to make a career out of my passion and before I knew it I was doing 20-30 weddings a year!

After a couple of years of photographing weddings I decided to branch out into commercial, advertising and property photography. Over the last 13 years I have been incredibly fortunate to work in places such as Hong Kong, Monte Carlo, New York and not to forget the stunning properties and locations in our very own beautiful countryside here in the UK.

I absolutely love my job whether I’m capturing and sharing the most special day of a couple’s life, photographing a stunning property or working on an advertising or corporate project. I get to capture a moment which will never be captured again, using a skill which I have been lucky enough to be gifted with and will be seen by countless people for years to come.

Please feel free to take a look through my portfolios.